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Vastu Yantra

This Vastu Yantra is one of the most powerful instrument which works like an All Rounder Energy Magnetic Field in our lives. It is a synthesis of Indian, Chinese and Egyptian Technologies. More over is it Mercerized, Purified and Energized by the Universal concept.

Laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha is regarded as one of the most auspicious Gods of wealth. It brings prosperity, success and financial gains to the house.

Three Legged Toad(frog)

A three legged Toad with a coin in his mouth is supposed to be a very auspicious animal. It is supposed to increase and protect your wealth and prosperity.

Coin With Bells

The coins bring money luck while the sound vibrations produced by the bells energize the positive Chi energy thereby bringing good luck to your house.

Swastik - Om - Trishul Symbol

Ancient Chinese people used to display pious and religious symbols outside their houses to word of evil spirits and attract good luck and fortune to them.

Crystal Globe

It is supposed to be an ultimate enhancer for education, literary and scholastic luck. If you are student, this will bring you luck in your studies and examinations.

Chinese Coins

It symbolized a continuous source of income for an individual.

Education Tower

The Education Tower is said to possess certain powers, which helps to transform unruly minds into well-disciplined minds. This will increase work efficiency and productivity, thereby increasing chances of career enhancement and work recognition.

Mandarin Ducks

Description : In Feng Shui, Mandarin Duck is one of the symbols for Love and Romance. Always put the mandarin ducks as a pair as they symbolize togetherness. When you put them as a pair, they will create the kind of “Chi " that is most conducive for lovers to become a married couple.


HAZARDS OF ELECTRONIC POLLUTION Continuous exposure to electronic devices such as Computer, TV, Cell phone, Microwave etc are found to be detrimental to physical and mental well being of the users. Electronic pollution has been associated with Electro smog or electrotyper sensitivity (EHS) which deranges earth's frequency in man.. EHS is defined by the World Health Organization as: "...a phenomenon where individuals experience adverse health effects while in the vicinity of devices emanating electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields."
Apart from other benefits it is believed to help prevent our body and mind from unwanted accumulation of negative electromagnetic resonance. Hence, it prevents stress, fatigue, headaches, lack of concentration and emotional uneasiness caused by using electronic appliances.